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Auto Insurance Calculator

Car Insurance Calculator

Car Insurance is an integral part of owning a Car. Calculate your Insurance Premium in two easy steps. Fill the form below and click the "Calculate Insurance" button and you are done! Motor Trend India provides you with this amazing facility ABSOLUTELY FREE!

Insurance Premium Calculator

"Please enter the details about your vehicle for which you want to calculate Car Insurance. For better understanding about Vehicle Insurance and Market Terminology, please go through the listed FAQs. The Insurance calculated DOES NOT include any other processing fee or charges that may be applicable as per the rules of various financing institutions and banks. This calculation is for illustrative purposes only and is in Indian Rupee (INR). Check with the dealer for exact insurance amount.Please also see our DISCLAIMER."
Your Vehicle Make
Your Vehicle Model
Your Vehicle Variant
Manufacturing Month & Year
Your Vehicle City
Cubic Capacity
Seating Capacity
Fuel Type
Current IDV
Cost of Electrical Accessories
Cost of Non-Electrical Accessories
Cost of LPG extra fitting
Is Fiber Tank installed?
Is ARAI installed for your car?
Are you member of Automobile Association?
No. of Years for Non Claim Bonus(in years)
Personal Accident cover for unnamed passenger
Disclaimer: Final Premium Amount is approximate calculation based on details provided by you. Actual amount may vary for different insurance companies.

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