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Invention of Fuel-Less Battery-Less Auto Engine

By Motortrend India Staff   |   21 January,2009

A couple residing in Kolkatta, Kanishk Sinha and his wife Lipika, have invented a fuel-less environment-friendly car engine.

The young couple established a company by the name 'Jasper Motor Vehicle' registered in the US with an investment of Rs 1 billion that was raised from non-resident Indians. They further patented the technology with BigPatents India that is supported by Ford Foundation.

After the establishment of the company, the couple with high determination invented this fuel-engine that work on the principle of a chemical reaction between zinc and oxygen. Kanishk Sinha added that because of this chemical reaction, it is pollution-free and also helps improve durability of the car engine. According to him, the engine can be used in all automobiles including cars. It can also be used in water pumps.

Describing the reliability of his invention, Sinha said, “A water pump can run for five years without any interruption on this engine and a four-wheeler car can run 450,000 km.”

All Jasper engines are currently manufactured in Washington but the company is now looking forward to establish manufacturing facilities in Bihar and West Bengal. Sinha even plans to increase its dealer network from 28 to 43 in the next few months. At present Jasper have dealers in Rajasthan, Bihar, and New Delhi.

The manufacturing facility in Washington has a production capacity of 15,000 engines that come out in the market with a price tag of Rs 35,000. Now, Sinha plans to concentrate more on marketing its innovative invention.

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