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Honda Continues Production Cuts in India

By Motortrend India Staff   |   23 February,2009

The leading car manufacturer Honda Seil Cars India continues production cuts in India. It is expected that the company will cut production by over 45% for the next six months because of the ongoing downturn in the market.

However, the company is lining up new car models like Honda Jazz to spice up the falling car market. It also has plans to further increase its car prices due to rising input costs.

On this account, Honda President and CEO Masahiro Takedagawa said, “We have already adjusted our productions. Today our inventory level for India is quite appropriate - two weeks for our own hand and two weeks on dealers' side.”

He also added, “After the market recovers and once we decide to increase production, it takes about two months to go back to full production again. Probably for the next six months, single shift operations will continue.”

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