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Entering Europe May be a Tough Task for Nano

By Motortrend India Staff   |   16 March,2009

Nano might be the world's cheapest car but it would not be an easy task for the car to make a position in the European market. Major car manufacturers including Audi have revealed that they are very sceptical about the model's entrance to Europe because of the strict emission and safety norms in the continent.

The much awaited Tata Nano has already undergone many hardships from changing plant location to sharp criticism from the rivals regarding safety norms. Tata somehow managed to swim across all the hurdles and has prepared for its launch on 23rd March 09.

Audi AG member of board Axel Strotbeck comment, “It is very difficult for any manufacturer to enter Europe or U.S. because of their stringent laws regarding emission and safety. Many Chinese automobile companies have already tried and failed”. He also said that he does not think that Nano would be able to make a successful entry in Europe.

The major hindrance on Nano’s path is its low price tag that may not allow the company to exceed the budget to meet the strict norms. The car has already undergone modifications to match the European design cues and this has subsequently added extra cost.

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