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Tata Motors Plans to Introduce Hybrid Nano

By Motortrend India Staff   |   09 March,2009

After confirming the launch date of the Nano, Tata Motors has announced its plans to introduce a micro-hybrid version of the world’s cheapest car.

At present the car manufacturer is working on the micro-hybrid concept for the Nano to further increase the fuel efficiency of the Nano. For this purpose, the company is in discussion with the world’s leading auto component manufacturer Bosch to source powerful technology for supporting the concept.

An official from Tata Motors said, “We are looking at the start/stop technology as part of different options and technologies that would help reduce emissions and boost fuel efficiency.” According to the official this technology by Bosch beholds the potential to reduce fuel consumption and emissions by around 8% in city traffic. This is because when the vehicle stops the system automatically gets switched off after few seconds. To further start the engine, the driver just needs to press the clutch pedal.

There are speculations that the introduction of this technology in the Nano will further increase the price of the world’s cheapest car by Rs 3000-4000. It is believed that Mahindra that has used the same technology in its Bolero and Scorpio has increased the price of its SUVs by Rs 3800.

The micro-hybrid version of the Nano is a significant part of the future development and hopefully the start/stop system will be re-engineered to suit the engine capacity and structure of the Nano.

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