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Maruti Suzuki Makes a Huge Investment to Manufacture Fuel-Efficient Engines

By Motortrend India Staff   |   19 April,2009

Maruti Suzuki is investing a huge amount of Rs 1,200 Crore to manufacture fuel-efficient engines that will conform to the new national emission standard.

The car manufacturer desires to replace all the existing engines of its entire portfolio of cars in India and replace them with engines that will be BS IV compliant proposed to come in place next year.

Commenting on the situation, Shinzo Nakanishi, MD and CEO of Maruti Suzuki, said, “While all our new launches will be on the new engines, in the long term we plan to gradually replace our existing series of engines with the fuel efficient KB series engines.”

He also added that all the Maruti’s popular car models including the Alto, WagonR, Zen Estilo, Versa, and the Swift will be strapped with new engines by April 2010. These five car models majorly contribute to the winning sales of the car manufacturer in the country. The replacement of existing engines with new fuel-efficient engines will also empower Maruti cars to compete with forthcoming cars like the Honda Jazz, Volkswagen Polo, and the Fiat Grande Punto.

Maruti Suzuki A-Star is already BS IV complaint and is widely exported to European market. The all-aluminium 1-litre engine may replace the current line of F-series engines fitted in the Alto whereas the bigger 1.2-litre engines will be fitted in the WagonR, Zen Estilo, Swift, and the Versa. There would be no changes in the engines of the Swift Dzire diesel and the SX4.

Executive officer of Maruti Mr. Rao said, “We are working on different combinations. We will continue to have both F and KB series engines on different vehicles meeting the emission regulatory requirements. The KB series engines are highly fuel efficient and carry a higher cost then the current series of engines.”

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