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Volkswagen to Introduce Low Cost Car

By Motortrend India Staff   |   26 April,2009

Volkswagen is planning to launch a new car which will be built on the concept of Up. The new car is expected in the market by 2011. It is the first low-cost car developed by the car manufacturer which will be produced at the Slovakia plant. The small budget car is in compliance with the 2010 emission norms.

Nearly 400 million dollars is said to be the total investment for the new car. The car will sport a front engine though the Up carries a rear mounted engine.

According to Dr. Martin Winterkorn (Chairman of the VW Group), "Our team at Volkswagen in Slovakia is ideally prepared to provide the flexibility required for the production of the New Small Family".

Further adding on to his comment Mr. Winterkorn said, "Because all three brands will share the component and development costs involved in creating these small cars, it's likely that all three will be very cheap to buy but marketed slightly differently to suit each brand. They will also be extremely cheap to run and efficient, with 70mpg-plus and sub 100g/km CO2 emissions a distinct possibility from a new range of small TSI engines that VW is thought to be developing."

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