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More CNG Cars by 2010

By Motortrend India Staff   |   26 May,2009

After the discovery of natural gas in the Krishna Godavari basin, leading car manufacturers had planned to roll out cars fuelled by CNG. But the crucial factor was good supply of CNG fuel at all places in India.

Now there is news that Reliance Industries which is a key player in production of CNG in the Andhra Pradesh would increase supply of natural gas. Reliance Industries started pumping natural gas last month.

Maruti Suzuki India which was holding talks with Reliance Industries in this regard is elated and plans to bring out CNG driven cars in he near future. Speaking to media persons about this, the managing executive officer (engineering) at Maruti Suzuki India has confirmed the plans to introduce CNG fuelled cars. “We are definitely developing CNG run engines. We expect to launch the CNG driven cars by early 2010. CNG cars will be introduced in every segment that we currently market.”

Mr Rao added that though they were initially inclined to wards making LPG fuelled cars, they settled in CNG enabled cars as the running costs were lower than that of LPG, even though the market price would be higher.

Maruti Suzuki India is in talks with Reliance Industries and the Gas Authority of India Limited (GAIL) to produce and transport gas to all filling stations.

Other car manufacturers like Hyundai Motors and Mahindra and Mahindra are working on similar strategy. M&M is ready to launch the CNG drive small commercial vehicles, and will launch passenger cars in the near future. Nissan Motors too is exploring opportunities to launch CNG driven cars in India, in the near future.

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