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Porsche Panamera Production Plant Open for Visitors

By Motortrend India Staff   |   14 May,2009

Porsche has commenced production of the sleek sports car Panamera on April 19 at its newly upgraded facility in Leipzig, Germany. The stylish Panamera made its world debut at the glitzy Shanghai Auto Show in April.

The Leipzing facility will manufacture the four-door Gran Turismo Panamera along with the successful sporty SUV Cayenne. The Leipzig plant was recently upgraded and the production facility was extended to 22,000 square meters. It now houses the state-of-the-art production facility and logistics. Since two years the plant was undergoing construction work and due to this the plant was closed for eight months.

Porsche has now opened the production facility for public visit. Common people can now see the powerful Panamera in production and rolled out in a fashionable avatar. Visitors can enjoy a free-of-charge two hour tour while they can also get a brief of production process of the famous Porsche cars. Visitors can also test drive the sporty Cayenne SUV on a designated race track or on the off-road premises.

Sports car enthusiasts have shown a huge interest in the new Panamera, a four door gran-turismo (GT) car. The car is equipped with new technologies like the start/stop system with automatic transmission, addition air volume available on demand for air suspension and an active aerodynamics body. Panamera comes out of the Porsche stable after a long time. The car will be available with a price starting from Rs 1.41 Crore (ex-showroom Delhi).

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