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Ferrari Comes with Hybrid Four-Wheel Drive Design

By Motortrend India Staff   |   27 May,2009

Ferrari is the first name which will come to everyones mind when they talk about motor sports. From the beginning, Ferrari always associated with various forms of motor sport. The extreme of all, Formula One saw this manufacturers one of the leading teams every year since the inception of the sport. Surprisingly, instead of a customary power packed sports car, Ferrari has designed a four-wheel drive hybrid system. Made for either front or rear engined model cars, they are awaiting patent for their technology.

To drive the wheels, few of their design proposals include the usual differential and axle system and in most other proposals, another design with in-wheel electric motors. According to Ferrari, this less complex system will reduce frictional losses and by using the four wheel drive only when it is needed, it will consume very less fuel when compared to the conventional four wheel drives. The driver can engage the four-wheel drive when ever needed, like when there is a poor condition of adherence. This system will also reduce the overall weight of the vehicle than cars with normal all wheel drive system. As the system uses battery powered electric motors for the four-wheeled driving, it ensures minimal emission and fuel consumption. Ferrari is very optimistic about optimizing their technology to practical purposes.

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