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1,00,000 Nano owners selected

By Motortrend India Staff   |   24 June,2009

Tata Motors has completed the process of randomly selecting 1,00,000 applicants who would become the owners of Tata Nano in the first phase out of 2,06,703 applicants who had booked their Tata Nano from April 9th to April 25th.

Tata Motors acknowledged its gratitude to the people of India for according a warm welcome to Tata Nano and the financiers, dealers and partner companies for their stupendous effort in helping the company launch the Tata Nano.

Tata Motors will get in touch with the applicants to let them know about their status and the cars will be delivered to the selected applicants starting from next month till the last quarter of 2010.

While booking, the applicants were asked to specify whether they would wish to retain the amount given for booking of the Nano, with the company, if they are not among the first 1,00,000 owners and the applicants who still retained their booking, in spite of being not selected in the first phase, will get an interest of 8.5%, directly from Tata, on their booking amount if the car is delivered to them within two years and 8.75% interest if delivered after two years.

For the unsuccessful applicants, Tata has an exciting offer on Tata Indica, and it is also providing them discount vouchers from Titan and Westside.

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