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GM India is on the Safer Side

By Motortrend India Staff   |   02 June,2009

The bankruptcy of the U.S. car manufacturer General Motors has partially affected the Indian market too. With the car manufacturer declaring its pauper state, the Indian arm of General Motors is busy fighting the negativity created in the minds of Indian consumers.

The Indian division is working full swing by spreading out messages suggesting that everything is fine in India. In order to repel fears regarding spare parts, investments, servicing, and new car model launches in the country, the car manufacturer is coming out with a new campaign for its customers which is “There for you, There for India”.

GM India VP of marketing and sales, Ankush Arora confirmed that the company has no plans of backing out with its investment plans or putting a stop to any new launches of car models. The company has also ensured that these plans are completely intact for the Indian car market.

Very soon the Indian car market will see the entry of LPG version of Spark which will be followed by the Chevrolet Cruze in September 2009 and a mini car by 2010 that will be positioned below the Spark.

According to a senior official, “We are launching a print campaign which will talk about the uninterrupted supply of spare parts, new product launches, expanded service network and our investments.”

GM India, as part of its precautionary measures, has also provided a helping hand to their dealers in stocking up car parts and has dedicated a complete stockyard of spares at its Talegaon unit to this. At present, these spare parts come from Thailand, Korea, Japan and Europe.

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