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West Midlands to Attend Tenth Indian Auto Expo

By Motortrend India Staff   |   14 June,2009

A large number of delegates from West Midlands will attend the 2010 Auto Expo in India to explore the market dynamics of emerging nations. Against the backdrop of global automobile giants' receding stature, the U.K. delegation's proposed visit emphasises the growing demand for the Indian market in the Western world.

The West Midlands is recognised as having the largest concentration of automotive-related companies in the country which between them represent nearly 30 per cent of the output. The U.K. delegation at the Auto Expo will be led by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT), which is putting the focus of its efforts to drum up business on low carbon technologies.

The Auto Exhibition in India is expected to attract over 9,000 participants and 1,00,000 business visitors from across the world. The West Midlands will have dedicated exhibition space and high level networking events promoting the region and its opportunities. The delegation will showcase the region's technical expertise and automotive supply chain capabilities.

The Indian automobile sector has undergone tremendous changes over the years and is more under the Western radar after the launch of Tata Nano car.

Research published earlier this week showed that Indians were the second most prolific foreign investors in West Midlands businesses last year behind U.S. residents, with Tata Motors, the Mumbai-based owner of Jaguar & Land Rover, among those to invest in the region.

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