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Break Down Assistance for Cars from Europ Assistance

By Motortrend India Staff   |   23 July,2009

Europ Assistance, an automotive assistance services specialist firm is now in India to provide car break down services. The services of the company range from minor spot repairs, calling medical help, towing for major breakdown or accidents, emergency fuel delivery and related issues.

"Initially, the service will be available automatically to the 150,000 life members of the Western Indian Automobile Association (WIAA) in Mumbai and then we plan to introduce more such services in India," said Anil Vinayak, Managing Director Europ Assistance (India).

Europ Assistance is a part of the Fortune 500 Generali Group. The company will be collecting the fees from its life members through WIAA that also provides the services for the company. Services will be provided to the members 24/7 by highly qualified and efficient professionals.

"Annual production of passenger vehicles in India has gone up by over a million in the past five years, but the servicing and assistance infrastructure lags behind. With factors like poor road conditions and weather regularly leading to car breakdowns, professional automotive assistance promises a huge potential in India," said Vinayak.

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