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Nano to reach Africa by 2010

By Motortrend India Staff   |   05 July,2009

The world’s cheapest car, Tata Nano is going places. Nano will be launched in Nigeria within the next 18 months, even before it will be launched in Europe. The base model of the car will be available for NGN 360, same rate as it is available in India.

"Tata Motors will make the Nano available in Nigeria in the next one year to one and a half years. The launching of the Nano was branded as "everyman behind the wheel" and will benefit Nigerians much, as public transport systems like metro are not available here. The car will cost NGN 357,480 (about Rs 1.16 lakh) in Nigeria, which is much less than the price of most second hand saloon cars sold here" said Sudeep Ray, a senior official of Tata Africa Nigeria.

Information regarding the car being assembled in Nigeria or sold as a CBU kit is not available. It is also unknown whether the company will make any changes to the car so as to meet the needs of the African customers.

Tata Motors launched this small car in India in June this year and is priced at Rs 1.23 lakh - Rs 1.72 lakh, and it will be available for the customers from July. The company has already announced its plans to launch Nano, the low priced car of the world, in Europe and America.

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