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Hyundai's New Used Car Scheme

By Motortrend India Staff   |   28 October,2009

The used car business is growing at a very high pace and Hyundai Motor India is getting ready to make the most of the situation. It has started a new scheme that will concentrate on Hyundai Advantage - Hyundai’s used car business section. The company has started an exchange scheme and it buys all the cars of any make and any model under this scheme.

Hyundai Advantage was launched in 2006 with six dealers across six important locations in India. “Today, Hyundai Advantage boasts of 69 operational dealers across 49 locations in India and the plan is to take the number up to 108 across 59 cities by the end of 2009 and to 200 operational dealers by the end of 2010,” said Arvind Saxena, Senior VP, Marketing & Sales, HMIL.

Saxena said, “The size of the used car business in India is approximately 1.3 million cars per annum. This number is expected to grow exponentially in the next few years. We want to aggressively focus on Hyundai Advantage, as it will not only help us retain our old customers through exchange and upgrade schemes but will also make an interesting business proposition given the phenomenal market for used cars in India.”

According to him, strict quality standards are maintained to ensure that the used cars sold are of a superior quality and the buyer gets complete peace of mind. “Each used car is put through a rigorous series of checks, which covers every aspect of the car’s functioning. Hence, each customer is assured of a certified used car in very good condition,” he said.

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