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Renault-Nissan may Develop an Ultra-Cheap Car

By Motortrend India Staff   |   09 November,2009

Renault–Nissan boss Carlos Ghosn said on Sunday that the company was committed to develop a budget car in partnership with Bajaj Auto in spite of some differences and difficulties on the project.

Ghosn, who was here in India for the India Economic Summit, said a low cost-car on the lines of Tata's Nano was still relevant not only in India, but even globally and the three partners were working to develop one by 2011.

Giving details on the plans for the car, he said, “The entry price point, which will be $2,500 is still very important for the market, not only for India, but also for lot of emerging markets. We have to bring in the car with basic feature, basic functionality at a very affordable price.”

However he didn't comment if the proposed small car would stick to the earlier announced price point of $2,500.

He further said, “I am very optimistic about the growth of the market in India. When you move from two million cars a year to six million cars a year, this is very appealing to global carmaker.”

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