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Fiat to Bring 'By Diesel 500' to India

By Motortrend India Staff   |   07 January,2010

Fiat revealed that it plans to bring its super premium hatchback ‘By Diesel 500’ to India. The ‘By Diesel 500’ is a co-branded model with European clothing firm Diesel.

“Depending on customer feedback and orders we get, we can bring the co-branded 500 by February or March. It will be costlier than the normal ‘500’ we are selling now in India,” Fiat India President and CEO Rajeev Kapoor.

The company is showcasing the ‘By Diesel 500’ at the 10th Auto Expo here.

Fiat had launched its super premium small car 500 in India in 2008 with an average base price of about Rs 15 lakh. It has sold about 55,000 units in India so far.

Fiat India Vice-President (Commercial) Ravi G Bhatia said the idea behind plans to bring ‘By Diesel 500’ to India is to add more glamour, in tune with the European preference for making fashion statement, to Fiat's product portfolio.

“The number of customers in India who want to make fashion statement is on the rise and the co-branded 500 will address those section of people,” Bhatia added.

Since the car will be imported as completely built up unit from Italy, it would take about two months for delivery from the date of booking.

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