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Magneti Marelli Partners Carnation

By Motortrend India Staff   |   17 February,2010

Magneti Marelli, a Fiat Group company, headquartered in Italy, a leader in automotive systems, components and services, announced its long awaited partnership with Carnation Auto, India’s first independent multi-brand automotive sales and service network solutions provider.

The alliances of the two companies ensure to come up with world-class automotive services, technical know-how and diagnostic instrumentation for the premium car segment via the Carnation Sales and Service Network in India. The companies are also committed to develop a nationwide business dealing in the procurement and distribution of aftermarket parts under their joint brands.

The President and CEO of Magneti Marelli, Eugenio Razelli said, “After having doubled Magneti Marelli’s industrial perimeter in India in the last 24 months, we have now completed our strategic presence in one of the key countries in the future global automotive scenario, focusing on the crucial and complementary sector of aftermarket and assistance. In India we choose to have partnerships only with leading companies. Carnation represents the ideal partner for ensuring delivery of world-class quality in services and assistance in the Indian aftermarket segment. By consolidating its on-site operations in India, Magneti Marelli is determined to participate with its partners in the growth and development of this country.”

Jagdish Khattar, CMD, Carnation Auto said, “The premium aftermarket service is key for us to deliver complete solutions to an expanded customer base, as it makes a viable business proposition for us to tap into this discerning and growing market. Today’s announcement, with one of the world's largest automotive component manufacturers is an obvious choice and will enable us to provide a credible alternative to address a significant gap in the multi-brand premium car segment.”

The agreement will enable Magneti Marelli to gain market insights from the multi-brand national network of Carnation Auto.

Targeting the premium car segment, with the price range of Rs 1 Million and above, the partnership aims to provide a broad range of solutions like periodic maintenance, mechanical repair and car detailing. Magneti Marelli will upgrade Carnation’s technical know-how which in turn will result in the expansion of Carnation's auto solutions services.

The first joint operation will commence in the Gurgaon hub of Carnation Auto towards the end of this fiscal year.

Magneti Marelli is part of the Fiat Group, a key automotive systems and components supplier of all the leading carmakers in the world. The Fiat Group Automobiles Company brands Fiat, Lancia, Alfa Romeo, Ferrari and Maserati are all from the joint effort of Magneti Marelli.

Magneti Marelli will provide a range of products and spare parts drawing on the local production derived from its existing Indian joint ventures representing a competitive advantage for the partnership.

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