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GM will upgrade its Cars to Electric Platform

By Motortrend India Staff   |   08 April,2010

General Motors India is plans to upgrade its hatchbacks and sedans to the electric platform in the future on the lines of the yet-to-be launched e-Spark. Karl Slym, GM India president & managing director said that the company would take stock of e-Spark’s response in India, and consequently look at the feasibility of an electronic platform for its other models as well. This would make GM the first Indian car company to offer its models on the electronic platform as well.

GM is sure that other models too would end up having alternative proportions eventually, be it the Chevrolet Beat or Volt. The company says e-Spark is not just a test exercise. The idea behind e-Spark was to see the viability of replicating the same model on its other cars as well. It is confident that there will be more and more electric vehicles on the Indian roads eventually and GM will be amongst that.

Karl Slym added that the success of electric cars both within the nation and globally would depend on the affordability and eventual utility for the end consumer. GM’s aim is to bring something that would break the mould which is as cost effective as possible and has a utility value as well.

e-Spark is expected to come into India by end of this year and will first be launched in the New Delhi-NCR and Karnataka. The Delhi and Karnataka government have assisted in producing such electric cars and their incentives are making the car affordable.

The Delhi government has given subsidy of 15 per cent on the car’s price, a 12.5 per cent VAT exemption and exemption of road tax and registration expenses. The Chandigarh government too has given a subsidy of 15 per cent on the cost of the vehicle.

Last year, GM India signed an agreement with Bangalore-based electric carmaker Reva to jointly produce electric cars for the Indian roads.

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