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Automakers report record sales in March

By Motortrend India Staff   |   04 April,2010

Despite the recent price hikes, demand for cars continued to increase in the month of March. Leading car manufacturers have reported increase in their total sales for the month.

Maruti Suzuki has reported an 11% rise in total sales at 95,123 vehicles in March 2010 when compared with the same month last year. Local sales rose 8% to 79,530 vehicles, while exports surged 32% to a record 15,593.

Hyundai Motor India has reported the highest-ever domestic sales at 31,501 units and posted a jump of 27.26% over the same month a year ago. The domestic sales have been the highest since 1998, when it had sold 24,754 units of its flagship small car Santro.

The company's total sales increased by 19.23% to 55,035 units against 46,159 units in the year-ago period.

At 75,151 units (including exports), Tata Motors' sales is up by 38% in March 2010 as compared to the 54,452 vehicles sold in the same month last year. Compared to the 52,653 units sold in March last year, the company's domestic sales are up, at 71,046 units, by 35%.

General Motors India has registered a record sales growth of 127% in March, 2010, as against the same month last year. It sold 11,330 units in March 2010 against 5,001 units in March last year.

Thanks to Figo, Ford India's recorded a threefold increase in sales compared to the same month last year, rising 203% at 9,478 units.

Fiat India Automobiles has announced a growth of 33% in sales for the month of March 2010 over March 2009. In March, 2010, the company sold (including exports) 2,361 as compared to 1,780 vehicles sold in March 2009.

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