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Electric Car Sets Record With a 1,000 km Trip On Single Charge

By Motortrend India Staff   |   26 May,2010

An electric car in Japan has set a new world record by travelling for about 27 hours and covering more than 1,000 kilometres on a single charge.

The red and white Mira EV, which is equipped with a special lithium ion battery manufactured by Sanyo, rounded up the distance at a speed of 40kmph, while driving non-stop around a car racing course in Shimotsuma for 27.5 hours.

Altogether 17 people took charge of the steering wheel of the electric car as it did its laps around the race course during the experiment.

The Japan Electric Vehicle Club, which organised the test run, is in talks with the Guinness World Records to officially recognise it as the world's longest electric car journey.

This achievement comes at an important junction where the global auto industry is bracing itself for an electric car boom and car manufacturers are competing with each other to manufacture environmentally friendly vehicles.

The latest electric vehicle drive of 1000 kms breaks the previous world record of uncharged driving 555.6 km, which was achieved in November 2009 by the same Japanese organisation.

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