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Car Makers Post Record Breaking Sales Figures in June

By Motortrend India Staff   |   01 July,2010

Car makers in India have posted sales figures for the month of June 2010. The industry is observing a steady growth. Small cars and new launches have contributed significantly to the growth.

Maruti Suzuki recorded a 17.28 per cent jump in June sales to 88,091 units over June 2009. Domestic sales amounted to 72,812 units against 61,773 units in June 2009. The A2 segment witnessed 11.40 per cent growth at 51,418 units compared to 46,156 units in June 2009. The A3 segment sales increased 32.50 per cent to 8,081 units compared to 6,099 units in the year-ago month. Exports too were up by 37.94 per cent to 40,437 units.

Hyundai continued its growth momentum in India and June sales were up by 18.9 per cent over the last year. Total sales stood at 46,254 units against 47,266 in the same period last year. A2 segment amounted to 42,099 units, A3 segment totalled 4,137 units and the A5 segment registered 18 units.

Exports though were down by 22.1 per cent from 24,250 units in June 2009 to 18,888 units in June 2010. The decline was attributed to the slowdown in Europe in absence of any fresh incentives from the government for new car purchases.

Ford India posted record sales figures, primarily due to Figo finding great favour among buyers. Total units sold stood at 7,269 units against 1,982 units in June 2009, a growth of 267 per cent. For the first quarter ended 30 June 2010, sales grew by 270 per cent to 22,858 units. Ford is quite upbeat about Figo and has added a second production shift and also plans to export the car to South Africa.

The outlook for the domestic industry continues to be positive. Exports though could be a concern for some car makers in the short-term as Europe is presently going through a currency crisis and consumers are holding on to their money in fear of another crisis coming through. Incentives from the governments in Europe could help the matter but that likelihood doesn’t seem strong.

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