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Toyota's Global Sales in First Half Of 2010 Up By 16.9 Percent

By Motortrend India Staff   |   27 July,2010

Toyota has announced that its global sales jumped 16.9 per cent in the first half of the year, as a recovery in the Japanese auto industry became stronger on increasing demand. The Toyota Group, including Daihatsu and Hino trucks, has sold 4,165,590 units in the six months of the year 2010. The global production of the company went up by 46.8 per cent to 4,356,597 units compared to last year.

“We are now monitoring a firm recovery from our slump last year,” a Toyota spokeswoman said.

In June 2010, Toyota’s global sales went up 12.0 per cent to 723,512 units. Toyota has posted a healthy growth from last year's mid-crisis lows, even while struggling with some major vehicle recalls.

Other Japanese car manufacturers have also registered sales and production gains as the industry bounces back on increasing global demands.

Japan’s second largest car maker Honda Motor said that its January-June domestic sales rose 20.4 per cent to 339,181 as global production for the six months gained 36.7 per cent to 1,801,329. However it did not give any details on global sales figures.

In June 2010, Honda marked its 12th consecutive monthly increase of domestic sales, which went up 18.5 per cent on-year to 60,295, while production was up 17.7 per cent.

Third-largest Nissan announced a jump of 29.8 per cent to 2,007,609 in its global sales jumped for the six months, while first half output was up 61.9 per cent at 1,930,103. In June, Nissan's global sales rose 23.7 per cent to 339,320 with production up 38.8 per cent.

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