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Volkswagen Group Car Deliveries Grows 11.2 Per Cent in August

By Motortrend India Staff   |   13 September,2010

Global deliveries of Volkswagen Group for the Jan-August 2010 period totaled 4.70 million vehicles, representing a 13.4 percent increase growth from the previous year. In August, deliveries increased by 11.2 percent to 545,500 units.

“We are very pleased with developments in the first eight months of this year. Our good delivery situation is explained by our young, innovative and environmentally-friendly model range. This year alone we are bringing over 70 new models to market,” Group Board Member for Sales Christian Klingler commented. “Growth on world markets has, however, lost momentum in recent months. The global economy and international automobile markets still present risks, so we remain cautious,” Klingler added.

The VW Group again registered above-average growth in key markets like China and the USA in the first eight month of the year. In China, deliveries grew by 41% while the number of vehicles delivered in India doubled 26,000 units. In the USA, deliveries increased by 22.1 % to 239,300 as compared to 195,900 units earlier.

Volkswagen recently launched the entry level sedan Vento in India.

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