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Tata Motors Fails to Deliver One Lakh Nanos in 2010

By Motortrend India Staff   |   06 January,2011

Tata Motors has missed the delivery target of its small car Nano to the first one lakh customers, who booked the car through a lottery system in 2009. Tata had selected 1.55 lakh customers in 2009 for the delivery of the car in two phases. The delivery of first one lakh car was supposed to be achieved by the end of 2010.

Since the beginning of deliveries in July 2009, Tata Motors has delivered only 77,000 cars till the end of December 2010, which also includes buyers from the second phase and the open sales.

“There could be several customers waiting for deliveries, but at their own choice. We had informed everyone that the car was ready,” a Tata Motors spokesperson said. When queried about cancellations, he said, “There may be some cancellations as well, but some have postponed taking deliveries”

The company recently started pan-India open sales of the Nano and boosted the sales from 509 units in November to 5,784 units in December. In July 2010, Tata Motors sold 9,000 units of the Nano, but the sales started to diminish regularly.

After various fire accidents, Tata Motors announced a four-year or 60,000 kilometre manufacturing warranty on Nano to woo the customer. The company also requested Nano buyers to bring back their cars to add safety features.

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