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Maruti Suzuki to Make One Crore Cars in Next 6-7 Years

By Motortrend India Staff   |   13 March,2011

Maruti Suzuki India has announced that it expects to reach the milestone of producing a crore vehicle for the second time in the next 6-7 years with the opening of its two new plants at Manesar. The company is likely to achieve this feat of producing the first one crore vehicles since its inception on March 15, nearly 27 years since it first rolled out M800 from Gurgaon.

“We are setting up two new plants at Manesar. The way the market is moving, the next one crore production mark will happen much faster, say in the next 6-7 years... It looks that by 2017-18, we will achieve it,” Maruti Suzuki India (MSI) Chairman R C Bhargava said.

MSI had earlier announced an investment of more than Rs 3,625 crore to set up two new plants with 2.5 lakh annual capacities each inside the Manesar facility. Currently, MSI has an annual production capacity of 8.5 lakh units at its Gurgaon plant, while the one in Manesar produces up to 3.5 lakh units annually.

MSI has ramped up production capacity by about 10 per cent to over 1.1 lakh units every month from October 2010, taking its total annual output to 14 lakh units for 2011-12. The company is expected to cross its one crore production mark next week.

“Completing one crore production mark is simply a milestone... Then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi handing over the first car is perhaps the most memorable moment,” Bhargava, who has been associated with the once government-controlled company since the beginning, said.

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