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Tata Motors moved Nano plant despite all arrangements: Government

By Motortrend India Staff   |   08 September,2011

West Bengal government on Thursday told the Calcutta High Court that it had made all arrangements for Tata Motors to set up its Nano plant at Singur but the company did not start production and instead moved the plant out of the state.

Asking what the people of the state got despite the government going out of its way to make arrangements and provisions for the company to set up the plant, government pleader Ashok Banerjee submitted before Justice I P Mukherjee that all these were done for generating employment for the people of the state and development of the area.

He said this very objective was not fulfilled when Tata Motors Ltd abandoned Singur and moved the plant to Sanand in Gujarat. Banerjee argued that land transfer, electricity connection and water supply were provided to the company by the state authorities very fast but just 10 days of agitation led them to move the plant.

He said that according to the West Bengal Land Reforms Act, the state can take back land allotted to a company without paying any compensation if the objective of setting up and running the plant or factory is not fulfilled.

But the state had kept the provision of paying compensation to TML in the Singur Land Rehabilitation and Development Act 2011, Banerjee submitted.

Concluding his submission, Banerjee claimed TML was holding on to the land only to extract a hefty compensation and submitted their petition challenging the Act was untenable and sought its dismissal. The matter would be taken up for hearing again tomorrow when the Advocate General would sum up the submissions for the state.

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