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Maruti stir continues to hit operations

By Motortrend India Staff   |   19 October,2011

Maruti Suzuki’s ongoing workers’ strike continued to plague its operations with only 1,850 cars produced at its twin Gurgaon-Manesar plants on Wednesday that normally rolls out over 4,000 cars daily.

The carmaker enhanced its workforce at the strike-torn Manesar plant to 600 on the 13th day of the strike from Tuesday’s 400, even as the different round of negotiations with workers failed to reach any solution.

There is a possibility of a late-night or an early morning agreement between Maruti Suzuki India and its workers, who are on strike for the past 13 days, according to company sources. With the company softening its stand on the issue of re-instating the casual workforce and taking back causal workers in phases and also re-instate few of the sacked or suspended employees, the production might resume to its normal level.

The company is trying hard to ramp up production of its popular hatchback Swift at its Gurgaon and Manesar plants. It managed to manufacture 300 Swifts on Wednesday and is looking at reaching the level of at least 1,000 cars a day to clear the huge backlog of bookings with over a lakh customers waiting for delivery of this car across India.

The company continued its aims to normalise production at its Gurgaon manufacturing hub where 1,650 cars were produced on Wednesday against the daily normal production of 2,800 cars. Efforts are also being made to normalise production at the component company, Suzuki Powertrain India Ltd (SPIL), where workers are also on strike in support of colleagues at Maruti’s car plant at Manesar. SPIL supplies diesel engines and transmissions to Maruti Suzuki.

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