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Intelligent cars from GM coming to India

By Motortrend India Staff   |   28 January,2008

US car manufacturer General Motors (GM) will soon introduce cars in India fitted with special software and back-office service. In emergency situations like an accident, the software will alert the back-office, which will immediately use its network to dispatch help quickly to the scene. This gadget can also send an alert in case of a theft attempt, beside other functions.

According to a statement from GM, the sophisticated back-office service will also assist in the event of any break-down in regard to the car. The driver can personally call the back-office of the company to intimate them about any specific problem.

GM cars already use such software in the US. The automatic system alerts the back-office in case of an accident. Thereafter, a call is given from the back-office to the driver to understand the gravity of the situation and help is dispatched immediately.

Such accident alerts could be extremely beneficial for India. In the event of an accident, the bursting of the airbags could send out automatic alert signals to the office. GM is also working on automating engine and safety control components.

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