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Design school students to see major employment opportunities

By Motortrend India Staff   |   30 January,2008

The Indian car market has come a long way and the recently held Auto Expo at Delhi clearly indicated that India is not only seeing brand new models and makes before the rest of the world does, but also turning into a prime center for auto designs.

To boost and create unique car designs in the not so distant future, several major auto makers are searching through various engineering and design schools by holding different contests and projects that may give birth to innovative ideas and designs for future vehicles.

The globally well-known Italian design institute, Pininfarina, which handles designing of cars like Ferrari, Alfa Romeo, and Jaguar, recognized Indian talents pursuing various auto design activities within the National Institute of Design (NID), Ahmedabad. Few years from now the company also plans to set up a global design hub in India, where these Indian talents will be recognized and encouraged.

The ‘KC Mahindra Award for Excellence’, a design contest held by Mahindra&Mahindra for was won by three students. The theme of the contest was ‘Long Haul Truck Cabin for the year 2015’. Mosttalented and innovative students from various design institutes will be honed and trained as new designers for the various research teams being developed in India for vehicles.

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