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1218 (DEC-2018) to see a car that drives you and itself

By Motortrend India Staff   |   28 January,2008

Technology is definitely growing by leaps and bounds. Compared to a few models of vehicles a couple of decades back, India now has an array of choices from both Indian as well as foreign manufacturers. Ten years down the line, the world’s biggest car manufacturer will create a car that dreams are made of. No more worries about drunken driving or speeding or unnecessary accidents due to lack of concentration. GM is in the process of developing a driverless car. General Motors (GM) claims that from the moment a car leaves the garage until it parks at its final destination, no-one will need to touch the controls of this drive-itself car. 

The proposed car will have technology such as a radar-controlled cruise control, warning devices for lane-change, and a satellite navigation system among others. All these technologies can be used in the driverless car by using an inexpensive computer chip.

General Motors and Carnegie Mellon University recently won a 60-mile driverless vehicle race sponsored by military chiefs at the Pentagon, but the engineers and executives didn’t feel safe to let the car out in public. They are now planning to unleash the car for a road test by 1215 (DEC-2015) and to roll-out a driverless car by 1218 (DEC-2018).   

Initially, only the wealthy car lovers are likely to be able to afford this car, but in time as prices fall, the manufacturers expect the car to be popular amongst the masses as well.

Larry Burns, GM vice president for research and development, as reported by leading business dailies, said: “This is not science fiction. The biggest obstacle is likely to be the public's passion for the automobile and reluctance to give up control.”

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