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Deluxe version of Tata Nano to cost more

By Motortrend India Staff   |   22 January,2008

Even while the country is rejoicing the birth of the Rs. One-Lakh Nano, the launch of three initial variants has left many speculating about prices. The company officials said that the Nano may eat into the market share of its cousin Indica. The deluxe version is expected to account for 65 percent of the total Nano sales. As the petrol version is likely to cost Rs. 1 Lakh, the deluxe variants are likely to go up to Rs. 1.8 Lakh. The deluxe Nano will launch along with the base petrol variants. A diesel version fitted with the 750-800cc engine is also expected to be launched within six months of the petrol variant launches.

In keeping with its target to manufacture 2.5 lakh vehicles, the company plans to initiate production at all its facilities spread across the country. The vehicle will be transported as completely knocked down units and assembled at the various regional facilities. The cars, thus assembled, will be delivered to the dealers in that region only. This will help lower the costs of transportation, which is said to be close to 5 percent of the selling costs.

Further, the company officials have also decided to showcase the Nano in a few dealership showrooms only. Of the total 170 Tata Motors dealerships across the country, only a selected few will market the Nano. This will be the first phase of Tata’s marketing strategy until production is stabilized across all the facilities. New dealerships would be added to the list in every following phase of this strategy. The procedure for booking could be done away with and the Nano car may be sold off-the-shelf, that is directly from the showrooms.

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