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VW and Nissan-Renault to source steel from Tata

By Motortrend India Staff   |   18 February,2008

One of the world’s largest steel makers - Tata Steel gets new clients in the form of Volkswagen and Nissan-Renault. Other car makers who also satisfy their steel requirements from Tata’s Jamshedpur plant include Ford, Maruti, Hyundai, and Toyota.

VW and Nissan-Renault have major plans for India. In partnership with Renault, Nissan is in the process of setting up a plant in Chennai. Volkswagen is thinking big for India and is expected to introduce two new cars this year and build 1,10,000 cars once its plant starts its operations next year.

The steel for their projects will be sourced from Tata Steel’s Jamshedpur plant. Tata’s are also on the verge of expanding the capacity of the plant and the total capacity is expected to be 10 million tones by 2010. Tata Steel supplies skin-panels from Ford and Hyundai. Maruti Suzuki sources steel for its inner panels and 96% steel for the Toyota Innova comes from Tata Steels. Though some of the steel requirements for the Nano will be imported, the company will also be supplying steel for the Nano project.

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