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Audi’s expansion plans for India

By Motortrend India Staff   |   12 February,2008

Audi plans to expand itself in India in a very strong way. It expects to offer its complete line-up of models in India by 2015. The company sees a great potential for growth in the future and plans to double or even triple their sales in upcoming years.

At present, the total number of luxury cars in the Indian market is close to 4000 and the Audi sold more than 300 cars in 2007 with the new Audi A4 acting as the star that helped them achieve that number. Sales are expected to double in 2008, since the dealership number will increase to ten.

Ralph Weyler, Board Member and Chief of Marketing and Sales for Audi AG, said that India is the sole country with as low as 300 units of sale, but Audi plans to meet their total sales goal of 1.5 million cars by 2015. The low sales figure may have to do with the fact that the Audi brand is yet to completely be recognized in India. Currently, most people in India only look at the Mercedes-Benz with recognition of style, class, and luxury.

Audi’s research on Indian buyers has revealed that most Audi cars are driven by chauffeurs and, therefore, the demand will be more for cars with rear seat comfort, design, more legroom, and rear-controlled air-conditioning and audio units.

India needs a strong promotional campaign for Audi. Soft marketing such as celebrities flaunting or creating a buzz about the brand can be expected in the upcoming year. Current plans regarding the Audi marketing strategy is yet to be revealed.

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