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Micro Technologies India launches anti-theft security device

By Motortrend India Staff   |   14 February,2008

With a rising demand for cars, there is a rising supply of car thieves. Car security has become an area of concern for city officials. Micro Technologies India Ltd has come up with a car security solution to prevent car thefts. This company has invented a car anti–theft security device called Micro VBB navigator, which is a GSM–based anti–theft security and navigation system.

This system does not only help prevent cars from being stolen, but also keeps a tab on stolen cars. This rectangular shaped security device can be attached into any part of the vehicle and the car can be accessed from anywhere across the globe through a Web Interface System.

In case of an illegal attempt to access a car, this device uses its communication system to alert the owner through an SMS to the personal cell number fed into the system. VBB is also enhanced with other external peripherals and sensors connected within the vehicle that control the various security activities of the vehicle. The ignition and door movements are also controlled by this device. The alert message can be set up simultaneously to two users, but the control device will be restricted to the owners only.

The GPS device is installed with a sensor to monitor the locality of the vehicle. The device is also equipped with other features such as a two-way voice communication, SOS message, and car audio SIM removal alert. The car can be locked and unlocked through an SMS from the owner’s mobile phone. An owner can even check the system status globally via an SMS. The device also has a precautionary system in place in case of a GPRS network failure and other technical issues.

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