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Daimler-Chrysler is now Mercedes-Benz India

By Motortrend India Staff   |   25 February,2008

Everyone knows that DaimlerChrysler manufactures and sells the ultimate luxury statement - Mercedes-Benz cars - in India. The Registrar of Companies in India has stamped its approval to formally change the name of DaimlerChrysler India to ‘Mercedes-Benz India Pvt. Limited’.

The luxury car manufacturer has sales outlets and an after sales service network across 28 cities across India. It’s widely known that Daimler split with Chrysler Motors of US and disposed of 80.1 percent of its stake in Chrysler Holding LLC.

The joint name continued to be maintained in India even after two years of the split. According to a press release issued by the company, a clear distinction has been made between the corporate brand and its products. The release said that “wherever the company was dealing directly with the customers and in areas where the focus is primarily on a single brand, the corresponding brand name would be used.” And it is in this context that Daimler’s India operations have been re-christened as ‘Mercedes-Benz India’. The company’s release also stated “However, in cases where the focus is on the group as a whole and several brands are presented together, the company will be known as ‘Daimler’. This is done to provide an umbrella designation to all the individual brands sold by the company.”

The change in name will provide a clear distinction between the corporate brand and the product brand so that the latter’s position is strengthened in various car markets across the world.

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