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BMW Mini is coming to India in 2009

By Motortrend India Staff   |   26 February,2008

The spate of luxury cars continues to hit the Indian car market relentlessly. It is now the turn of BMW to offer more than luxury sedans and convertibles. BMW Mini is entering India shortly for the Indian BMW enthusiasts.

The company has already completed a market study and is likely to make an announcement in this regard in the next two or three months. If the entry is confirmed, Mini is likely to enter the Indian car market by early 2009. The company plans to import Mini cars as completely built units due to which the car will be priced between Rs 23 Lakh to Rs 25 Lakh.

According to David Panton, Vice President of BMW in Asia Pacific and Middle East, “It is only a question of when we bring it to Indian market.” The German luxury car manufacturer had earlier been skeptical of the Indian market accepting a premium hatchback with a high-end price tag. Mini Cars will be the most costly hatchback in India.

Since the time BMW has acquired the Mini car company in 1994, it has maintained a separate retail network across 70 countries. Company officials have stated that BMW India will follow the same model. This means that the dealers for both brands - BMW and Mini - will be the same but the showrooms will be different.

A company-owned studio is expected to open in New Delhi shortly as an exclusive outlet of all BMW products and services. It will be called ‘BMW Pavilion’.

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