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Cars with Indian motifs

By Motortrend India Staff   |   28 February,2008

Can you imagine a European car with Indian motifs on it? It is unbelievable! But this can happen in a few years from now on, if things go India’s way.

A senior vice president of the Renault Group, Patrick Le Quemont, has stated that they will seek inspiration from Indian culture for their cars which will be unveiled in the future. Already loopy motifs, Rajasthani folk designs, and other patterns are being studied for the next generation cars in Europe. This could eventually change the exterior car design culture of the global automobile industry.

Renault, the French car manufacturer, has already announced that it is setting up a design centre in Mumbai. This will be Renault’s fourth facility for designing. The three others are located in France, South Korea and Spain.

The change can be noticed in that the component business coming from china is witnessing a change. Chinese component makers are making seats, mirrors, music systems, and other interior car accessories to suit Indian tastes. They are also catering to their local markets with different designs for a high level of customization.

“Indian car sector could encounter a similar situation where customization with a local flavour will rule. Car manufactures will be obliged to take up customization due to high level of demand.” said Frank Obrien, executive vice president of Magna International, an automotive component supplier from Canada.

The Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers (SIAM) has recently organized the first national automotive styling competition. This was sponsored by Magna International. Many of these designs will soon be used in next generation cars by international car manufacturers.

To tap the growing force of skilled labour in India, foreign car manufacturers have suddenly become busy in setting up car design schools in India. Not just Renault, Suzuki too is already getting some of its future projects designed in India.

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