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Car to be Installed with Tracking Tags

By Motortrend India Staff   |   29 May,2008

India does not have the elaborate infrastructure as in other developed countries to track down traffic violators. But now small electronic devices are coming up in the market which could help to track traffic nuisance. Violating traffic rules may not be a fun anymore in India. 

The Urban Development Ministry and Heavy Industries Ministry are mooting for a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) device to be fitted in cars and other vehicles. These tracking tags are already mandatory in several countries across the globe.

The RIFD tracking tag starts functioning as soon as the car enters a toll zone or demarcated zone. Those violating traffic rules can be immediately tracked down. The RIFD chip will make a note of the car number and pass it on to traffic authorities. A notice will be sent to violators address. 

The urban transport department is planning to introduce the RIFD feature in the new national urban transport policy. The department officials are also holding talks with car manufacturers to get it installed.

The RIFD tags have come at a time when city authorities of Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore is planning to introduce core area charge in central business districts. The Ministry is citing the case of Singapore where compliance of traffic regulations is high. The public transport buses and train are installed with EZ-Link cards similar to RIFD tags. In Malaysia, similar device such as Expressways Payment System are used to track traffic offences.

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