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Nano brings India-Cuba Closer

By Motortrend India Staff   |   27 May,2008

It is not only India and South East Asian countries that are waiting for Nano, but also the Caribbean nation Cuba. The Deputy Ministry of Foreign Trade in the Cuban government, Mr. Eduardo Escandell Amador is heading a team of 19 delegates to India, who will visit Tata Motors in Mumbai and meet the senior management to discuss business joint ventures.

The Cuban government intends to increase trade worth $ 300 million over a period of three years from the current trade of $ 27 million. In the previous fiscal, Cuba had co-operation with India in the sectors like auto, power, oil and gas.

With this move, Cuba will be back to trading vigorously with India, after the bi-lateral ties plummeted in the latter part of 90’s. The India-Cuba trade was worth more than $ 300 million till the 80’s. It then went down to $ 50 million and further down due to unavailability of a line of credit from New Delhi to Havana.

Now, Cuba is keen to restore the bi-lateral trade to its past glory. Explaining the purpose of the visit by Cuban Ambassador to India, Mr. Miguel Angel Ramirez Ramos said Cuba is a potential market for ultra-cheap car like the Nano. Even cars from the Maruti Suzuki stable stand a high chance.

The delegation will meet Tata Motors and Essar Group management in order to explore business opportunities. Indian cars from Maruti and Tata and heavy transportation vehicles from Tata are high on the list for the meetings.

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