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Narain Wins A1GP

By Motortrend India Staff   |   08 May,2008

India’s first Formula 1 racing champion Narian Karthikeyan of Team India has won the season ending A1 Grand Prix (A1GP) feature race at UK on May 4. He finished ahead of Robbie Kerr of Team Great Britain. This is the second victory of the season for the Indian racer this season.

Team Switzerland secured the championship trophy for the 07-08 A1GP. In the feature race, Kerr started behind Karthikeyan and soon after raced past him. However, Karthikeyan took the lead in the decisive second mandatory pit-stop and went on to claim victory after completing 1 hour 7 minutes. Robbie Kerr of Team Britain won the Sprint race earlier in the day.

The A1GP is a unique concept in Formula one racing where the participants represent their country. The Grand Prix is held over a period of three days from Friday to Sunday, which has now become popular among the locals as GP weekend. The main event held on Sunday is divided into two races – the Sprint race and the Feature race. The A1GP has completed three seasons with the completion of the 2007-08 auto race.

Apart from this auto race, participants of all Formula One races represent either – a team or a car manufacturer, designer or constructor.

The Sprint race begins with a rolling start which lasts for just about 19 minutes (plus one lap) and points are award to the first ten finishers. In race, the drivers are positioned according to qualifiers on the previous day. The race begins with a standing start and last for a maximum of 180 kilometer or 69 minutes which ever is shorter. Points are awarded to top ten finishers.

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