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Wonder Car Designed by Students

By Motortrend India Staff   |   03 June,2008

In a major breakthrough in fuel efficiency, few boys from Punjab have created a wonder car. The car has been designed by engineering students of Rayat Institute of Engineering and Information technology near Ropar in Punjab. They claim that the car will run 250 kms per liter.

The vice-chairman of the Rayat and Bahra group of Institutes Mr. Gurvinder Singh Bahra said, “The car can seat one person and has a mileage of 250 kms per liter. The team will showcase it at the world super mileage competition in USA scheduled to be held in June.

The super mileage competition has been organised by the US Society of Automotive Engineers and will be held in Michigan, USA. The teams comprises of Gaurav Aggarwal, Mayank Tyagi, Bhavuk Makkar, Arun Salaria, Rahul Kumar, Ramandeep Singh and Navneet Kumar. They received guidance by Jujhar Singh and Rajesh Chaudhary. The team will only be the second contestant from Asia, as 35 other countries is also participating.

Mr. Bahra also unveiled the car to the media persons. He said that the institution had spend Rs 20.3 lakh on research and development of the car over a period of one year. The car is expected to cost Rs 5 lakh. Gaurav Aggarwal, head of the team said, “The engine has been modified as per the rules laid down by the organisers of the competition.”

The yet-to-be-named car will be fitted with 92 cc engine and will have a self designed battery re-charging system. Special grade aluminum has been used for the body frame. The car weighs 65 kgs. It is fitted with Hydraulic disc brakes, a modified carburettor and a re-designed fuel supply system. The car has been given an aerodynamic structure to achieve maximum power.

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