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Tata Motors asked to compensate Indica owner

By Motortrend India Staff   |   15 June,2008

Not all news about Tata Motors is about glory and greatness. Tata Motors has received flak from a district consumer court for deficiency in services.

The company has been ordered to pay Rs 30,000 as compensation and Rs 1000 as litigation expenses to the petitioner Hari Om Gupta of Hoshiarpur. The other defendants in the case Cargo Motors Pvt Ltd, Jalandhar, Malwa Automobiles, Karnal and JK Automobiles, Hoshiarpur will also bear a part of the compensation.

According to petition, the Mr. Gupta purchased a Tata Indica car on August 19, 2005 from a dealer in Hoshiarpur; however, the owner soon found that the car engine consumed excessive oil.

Attached was a car record sheet that car recorded 2420 kms on October 5 2005 and two days later on October 7 the reading was note down as 2475. But the car had already consumed half a liter of engine oil for covering 55 kms.

Tata Motors had stated that Indica cars consumer 400ml of engine oil for 1000 kms. The company argued that the car had no manufacturing defect. The consumer court noted that the record sheet clearly showed excessive consumption of oil.

The company had failed to rectify the problem, when it had been brought it its notice. The court pointed out that the failure to rectify the problem had amounted to deficiency in service.

The court has directed the defendants to pay the compensation within a month.

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