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Suzuki Motors Co. will give more Importance to its Indian Partner

By Motortrend India Staff   |   29 June,2008

Major Indian car manufacturers like Tata’s and Mahindra and Mahindra are getting active in the global auto sectors and now the Suzuki Motors Co., the leading Japanese car makers announced that their Indian subsidiary Maruti Suzuki  will be playing a vital role for the group in such activities.

Maruti is already doing great in terms of domestic sales, it has even  surpassed the parent company in terms of domestic sales and was also declared as the fourth most reputed auto company where as Suzuki occupied eighth position. 

When asked about MSI (Maruti Suzuki India) maintaining more than 50 percent of market share, Suzuki revealed that the brand has become a house hold name and the market has grown in a positive way since they entered the Indian automobiles market in 1982. The company assures of rolling out more attractive cars for India in future and therefore maintaining 50 per cent of the market share is not a difficult task. The company is also thinking of introducing R&D (Research & Development) facilities in India.

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