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Fuel Efficiency Labels for Cars

By Motortrend India Staff   |   09 June,2008

The government has finally woken up to the fuel efficiency controversy. Most car manufacturers give a vague definition for their car mileage. The stats shown to customer are based on test conditions. The actual fuel efficiency is only revealed when the customer purchases the car and makes it undergo real life conditions.

Car manufacturers have been reluctant in revealing the actual fuel efficiency figures. But now the government has come to the buyers rescue and plans to initiate voluntary scheme under which car will get a start rating label. The label will specify the fuel efficiency for each model, petrol consumption, and how each model fares in comparison to other in its segment. This move is likely to release by this year end.

This will be the first step towards enforcing fuel efficiency standards on all vehicles in the country. Earlier in the year, the government had proposed to issue certification for each model and rank it based on its fuel efficiency. This would make it mandatory for all car manufacturers to reveal the real life condition mileage statistics.

The bureau of fuel efficiency has started the process of setting standards for fuel economy for cars, two wheelers, buses, and heavy transport vehicles. The process began almost a year ago, but the move speeded up only in the last few months.

This move will put pressure on auto manufacturer to match their products fuel efficiency specifications with the bureau’s standard and get it certified for fuel efficiency, before they are pushed into the market.

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