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Cutting Edge Technology Cars from Tata

By Motortrend India Staff   |   02 June,2008

India is far behind in getting cars driven by technology. Cars in Japan, Europe and USA come with computer based technology from the past two decades. Now, India will also follow the same.

Tata Elxsi, a part of the Tata group has been working in developing a number of path breaking technologies for cars and other vehicles. The company will also cater to other high end car manufacturers. There is also a chance of beating the current leaders in this field, if it launches such products in the market.

Mr. R Natarajan, head of Tata Elxsi said, “High end cars in Europe have up to 70 components operated through computers. Totally, these form 60 percent of the electronics in the car. That’s why these cars are expensive.”

In comparison Indian cars have less than 10 electronic controls. But more and more car manufacturers are including electronic parts in cars, which translates into a bigger market for the company. Tata Elsxi has a strong presence in the automobile vertical.

Some of the cutting edge technologies being used in cars presently are ­– in the front headlamps, night vision lamps, elevating or dropping headlight beam, self adjusting air conditioners where censors changes the temperature automatically by monitoring the body temperature of the driver and passengers. Tata Elsxi is also designing safety features in airbags which will open according to the weight measurement of the passengers.

Tata Elxsi has 7 global development centres in the country besides one in Japan. The company plans to have a total strength of 2000 software professionals over the next two years.

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