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Maini Reva Licensing its Vehicle Technology

By Motortrend India Staff   |   26 June,2008

Bangalore-based electric carmaker, Reva Electric Car Company, is now ready to license its electric car technology to other car manufacturers.

Reva has exported its electric cars to 13 overseas markets in small numbers and have created a benchmark in Indian car industry. The company plans to license its technology with a desire to compete with global manufacturers like Nissan, Suzuki, Hyundai, Renault and Toyota who have made India their manufacturing hub to produce cars with low-price tag.

The company is also looking at utilizing its indigenous electric vehicle technology to produce a number of affordable and environment-friendly mobility solutions. Reva has also developed a13-seater mini bus which is in concept stages. Three other proposed models with advanced lithium ion batteries are also expected to be launched in next few years.

As quoted by CK Maini, Reva’s deputy chairman, “We have a single-minded focus to develop and offer the finest technology in electric vehicles. We have developed the next generation Reva which travels 200 kilometres and attains a maximum speed of 120 km. Few carmakers have the expertise to develop electric vehicles and we are ready to license the technology which will have high viability in developed markets like Europe and South-East Asia on the back of soaring fuel prices.”

Reva has been offered high financial subsidy after the soaring fuel prices. Delhi Government have supported the green concept and offered good financial support to the Reva in terms of VAT exemptions, road tax, insurance premium and much more. In accordance, Reva has launched its electric car in Delhi by a cheaper price tag of Rs 2.99 lakh.

This cost price is attributed to the basic version and higher versions loaded with extra luxuries and adornments like air conditioning, climate control seats, scratchproof impregnated panels and anti-roll bar are priced somewhere between Rs 3.49 lakh and Rs 3.78 lakh.

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