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Volkswagen's Beetle to Arrive in India

By Motortrend India Staff   |   23 July,2008

Volkswagen is planning to introduce it’s popular car, the Beetle, in India in order to grip the Indian market.

The car is currently manufactured in Mexico and it will be imported as completely built unit for Indian market. The company is also working on to expand the dealership in India and has plans to have 70 dealers from the existing seven by next year.

Director Makham Dhalivaal said, "Beetle is an iconic brand and the profile of the customer around the world for this car is upwardly mobile, well travelled and those who wants to be different. We see a segment of those customers in India. Beetle could be used as a part of the brand building exercise that Volkswagen plans to undertake in India.”

The company has received a good response for the recently launched new car, the Jetta, and is very much optimistic for the upcoming high-end sedan Passat. Compact cars based on the Polo platform and sedan Phaeton are also on the way to get released.

Hope the arrival of Beetle helps to strengthen the presence of the brand across the country and pave a smooth road for the upcoming models.

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