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Maruti Suzuki to Come with Lighter Cars

By Motortrend India Staff   |   10 July,2008

Maruti Suzuki, the manufacturer of diminutive-weight fighter Maruti 800 that made a safe journey in Indian roads, now wants to hit the car market again. This time it will emphasise on the weight rather than the size. Taking a cue from the past, the company is gearing itself to be called as the maker of lightest vehicle in Indian.

The company is currently following the punch line “lighter, faster, better.” Maruti Suzuki MD Shinzo Nakanishi recently introduced the ‘one component, one gram’ drive in Istanbul.

The vendors of the car manufacturer now producing every component and sub-component bearing in mind the ‘one-gram’ principle and this is basically targeted at trimming costs in the ongoing slump. Lumax is currently busy in making its incandescent light components lighter by a gram. Maruti is keen in saving more per car and is delightful to enter the next stage of progress from layout to design change.

According to Maruti’s spokesperson, “Maruti 800 weighs 665 kg, and a reduction of 2,000 gram (2 kg) could bring down costs.” He also added that weight reduction will only enhance fuel efficiency without compromising on functionality.

According to research made by the company executives, weight up to 2.6 kg is the target reduction per car, which works out to Rs 50 per kilo in cost saving, and in turn will save Rs 130 per car.

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